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At Flying Rafter we build the most engaging training that won’t break your budget.

Effective training without the B.S.

When we started Flying Rafter, we had one goal, to create fun and engaging training that wouldn’t break the bank. So, we steered away from high-dollar training techniques that needed extended production schedules to get off the ground. Instead, we went back to the first principles of learning design, finding the simple techniques that’ve always worked. then we paired those time-honored techniques with modern automation.

Custom E-Learning Development

Engaging and effective learning experiences, customized to meet your learners needs.

Reusable, Modular Learning Blocks

Never repeat yourself again. Maximize your content by building learning blocks that can be reused in tons of places.

Rapid Curriculum Deployment

See what a full catalog looks like for you, and get 100% content coverage in as little as a month.

Learning Strategy & Mapping

Get your plan in place for creating, managing, and optimizing your learning content.

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